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Gliff Notes #15 | Griffin Lewis
June 5, 2009

Dear Equally Angry Fans,

Yes, I’m sure you all realize what happened, and what that means.

Chase posted another Gliff Notes without my permission, and decided that it would be alright to post a poem that I wrote from the bottom of my heart. For the record, I had assumed that the wastebasket in my hospital room was an incinerator like the one we have in our office at Gliff Studios.

I think you’ll all be very glad to know that we’ve deleted his Twitter and posted embarrassing messages as his Facebook status when he forgot to log off.

For example, “My name is chase i’m dumb and no one liks me lalalalala."
Then we changed his relationship status to "it's complicated" with his mom.

Also, I would like to personally thank Evie Corcoran for making the “Send TTM to Twicon as Special Guests” petition. Please sign the petition, and leave a comment saying how much we deserve to go as special guests, and the reasons why.
We really want to go!
If you’d like to take it one step further, you can email them directly at publicity@twicon.com


In other news, we will soon be releasing the soundtrack for Act One of the musical! To allow you to buy the songs sooner, the soundtrack will be broken into three parts; Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3.

Act 1 will become available very soon! It will feature these songs:

1. Forks, Washington
2. I'm New Here!
3. The Cullens
4. The Cold Ones

1. Intro The Twilight
2. Mike/Tyler/Eric Theme
3. Watch Out For That VAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!

The songs will be sold on iTunes and other music download sites, and can also be purchased separately if you want a particular song!

Also, expect Part 4a to be out very soon.

~~Looks like we're headed for the big Twime!

Griffin Lewis, your esteemed director
and some others, I guess

(We're #101 on Top Twilight Sites! But Twilight Italian Moms shot up again to #99!
Where did they come from? They're like ninjas!)

Gliff Notes #14 | Chase Donnally
May 27, 2009

Dear Poetic Souls,

Chase here! Our cast had a good time at Fanime, and we'll try to get pictures up ASAP!
Today I'm here to bring you the latest news from Gliff:

We've been accepted by YouTube as partners!
We aren't sure what this means, really, but all the coolest kids on YouTube have partnerships.
It's a good way of showing our street cred. Respect!

Next, we've reached #106 on Twilight Topsites! Thanks to everyone who has been clicking so far, and please keep doing so!

And remember guys, keep e-mailing Twicon and telling them how much you think we deserve to be special guests!
We'd LOVE to go!

The address, again, is: publicity@twicon.org


You'll all be glad to hear that Griffin has been doing much better. His doctors and therapists have encouraged him to express his feelings through art, so he's actually taken to writing poetry. Being his bashfully artistic self, though, he tries not to let anyone else see what he writes! What a waste of talent!

Fortunately, I rescued one really great poem while digging around in his trash at the hospital!

It can be found in articles, here.

And you think that's all? Nope! There were tons more poems I found crumpled into little balls of paper or etched into tree bark.

Here's another great poem from Griffin! It's titled "Ursidie."

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Bears are scary

Part 4 is on its way! I hope Griffin doesn't get mad at me for posting again.

~Griffin's a regular poetic soul-ar bear!

Chase Donnally,
and all of his friends and associates at Gliff Productions,
(especially Griffin!)

(Griffin also drew a picture of me while in the hospital!)
(At least I think the stick figure in the bear's jaws was supposed to be me.)
(It was hard to tell because all of the blood.)
(It was labeled Chase Donnally though. Which is great!)
(Griffin's so cool!)

Gliff Notes #13 | Jenny Nicholson
May 20, 2009

Dear Diligent Voters!

Well, after a long time of waiting for him to heal, Griffin was finally ready to be let out of the hospital. We were all so excited! I went with Sam and Chase to pick him up, and the nurses were all so nice to us. They even let me steer his wheelchair!

So that's why I'm writing to you today. I actually lost control of the wheelchair. I didn't know the hospital had a ramp around the side, and I kind of lost my grip when I was wheeling Griffin down the front steps. Anyway, the nurses told me he's ok except for head and body trauma, which is great! He still has full use of his hands, so he's able to edit Episode 4 and reply to Wall posts on his Facebook!

Next up for discussion: Twilight Topsites! Yay, you guys have been so great about voting for us! Now we're at the coveted spot #111, and before long we'll show up Zmierzch!
Be sure to keep voting, so we can keep moving up on the chart. (just keep clicking the button on our front page!)

Most importantly:

Gliff Productions wants to go to TwiCon 2009 as special guests!

We actually e-mailed them already requesting that they invite us, but I guess our e-mail got lost in the system. Anyway, that's the only reason I can think of for them ignoring us! So this is where you come in: You guys should e-mail them all on our behalf, requesting that they invite us! You've all been so helpful so far, and I'm sure you can really make a difference in this!

The event organizers can be contacted at: publicity@twicon.org
We'll keep you updated if we hear anything from them!

Also, some members of Gliff Productions will be going to Fanime this weekend! (May 22-25) at the San Jose Convention Center! http://www.fanime.com/

Griffin Lewis (Edward Cullen), Logan Lewis (Emmett Cullen), Alyssa Hobson (Renee Dwyer), Kyle McCollin (Phil Dwyer), and Sam Bartleman, will all be attending. So maybe they'll run into some of you TTM fans while they're there! (They'll all be cosplaying as Persona 4 characters, fyi)

We'll keep you all up to date on our Twitter as well.

~Hankerin' for a Twilight convention in Texas this summer!

Jenny Nicholson, your other Bella,
and all her dear friends at Gliff Productions

(If we can't go to TwiCon, I'll feel quite Tex-asperated!)

Gliff Notes #12 | Sam Bartleman
May 13, 2009

Dear Team TTM,

(Still Sam here. Griffin was too busy learning how to breathe through his lungs without the machine that I had to do the update again. He's still editing Part 4 though, so it's not like he's on vacation or anything.)

Thank you all so much for clicking the "Top Twilight Sites" button on our homepage! We're currently at #125 and climbing! Remember that you can vote more than once, so feel free to keep clicking the button each time you visit our homepage. You have to click that button in order to vote.

We've just set a new goal: to defeat "The Twilight - Zmierzch," sitting smugly at place #48 on the chart.

We don't know a lot about the site other than what the attached blurb tells us:
"ksiazki, filmy i galerie zdjec, wszystko czego szukasz znajdziesz wlasnie tu! books, movies, galeries all you've been looking for you'll find here!"

Such a falsely innocent site description! You can zdjec us all you want, Zmierzch, but we won't be fooled. And soon, we will take spot #48 from you! So beware! We have already surpassed our old rivals, the Italian Twilight Moms, so there's no telling what we're capable of! So remember, fans - keep clicking that button, and we'll znajdziesz them yet!

In other news, Part 4 is coming very soon!
Here are a few spoilers about the episode:

- There will be a new song!
- You'll get to meet Jacob Black for the first time! (Team Jacob, prepare yourselves!)
- Part 4 will be the sequel to Part 3, and the prequel to Part 5!
- There will be some mind-blowing apple-based special effects!
- The members of the Cullen family are still the coolest kids in school!

~Ready to whip The Twilight - Zmierzch,

Samuel Bartleman, your sportsmanlike co-director,
and Team Gliff Productions.

("filmy i galerie zdjec?" More like "filmy i galerie stupid!")

Gliff Notes #11 | Sam Bartleman
May 6, 2009

Dear Fanbase,

Thanks for all the kind words about Part 3! Remember to tell all your friends about it, mention it in your blogs, and write to your Congressman.

Griffin has been diligently editing on his Macbook Air from the hospital, and we all appreciate the job he's done! The staff there have him on an easily-digestible diet of Teddy Grahams and gummy bears, so he should be back to his old self again in no time at all!

This is Samuel Bartleman here - Griffin's Director in training.
If anything were to ever happen to Griffin (e.g. He was killed by a bear) then I would take over as leader.
Since Griff's in the hospital, I'm in charge of the blog now. So listen up, cause I'm only typing this once:

At my suggestion, all the Gliffers and I have jumped on the bandwagon. And that bandwagon drove us straight onto a boat. And that boat is called the S.S. We Have a Twitter Now, Feel Free to Follow Us. It can be be found through the button on the front page.

You'll notice on our homepage something at the bottom called "Twilight Top Sites." We're not sure what it does, how it works, or how it got there, but if you click it it'll probably do something to benefit us in some way.
So please do click it! And let us know if anything particularly exciting happens! It has Twilight in the title so it must be something important.

Part 4 is on its way, and those of you who are signed with Team Jacob will be pleased to know that everyone's second favorite Native American (after Wonapalei from Island of the Blue Dolphins) will be featured in the upcoming episode.


Samuel Bartleman, your almost director,
and Griffin Lewis, your actual director.

(Island of the Blue Dolphins trumps Julie of the Wolves any day of the week)


Gliff Notes #10 | Griffin Lewis
April 29, 2009

Dear Worried Fans,

To answer some of your questions:
Yes - I am in the hospital
Yes - the pain is unbearable
Yes - there will be a part 3

I'd like to thank you all for bearing with me through that grizzly ordeal. I bearly made it through, and without your supportive emails, I'm not sure I'd be with you today. I only wish Shinnuko could be here as well, and I think I speak for him when I say "ROWRAARR!".
Unfortunately, post production has been slow while I've been gone. Chase had to take over, so I'm sure you all know what that means.

Since I've been back, he's been battering me with excuses like, "We were so worried! I'm so glad you're ok!" and, "It's pretty hard to dispose of bear corpses, as it turns out!" and, "I couldn't log on to the computer without the password!"

They say I won't be able to leave the hospital for a few more weeks. I'm currently editing part 3 from my hospital bed on my Macbook Air. It's a bit difficult because of the large video file, and the fact that I only have one working hand.
Plus this stupid life support machine is constantly beeping
(but don't worry, I unplugged it). ((Don't worry - it isn't mine!))

Anyway, Expect Episode 3 by May 2nd, 2009.

~Please don't stop sending your kind emails!,

Griffin Lewis, your hospitalized director
and... Gliff Productions.

(Shinnuko! All I ever did was love you!)

Gliff Notes #9 | Jenny Nicholson
April 20, 2009
Concerned, but hopeful!

Dear well-wishers!

Thanks for all your concerned e-mails about Griffin! Chase has been helping me print them out (I'm a bit of a tech spaz :P ) and we take them to Griffin every day when we visit. Right now he's staying at Starling Center for Mental Stability in scenic Yosemite! There was a little accident with our Emmett actor Shinnuko, so we're currently waiting for Griffin's ribs and brain to heal all the way.

Griffin hopes to be out of there soon and back in the studio, helping with post-production!
In the meantime, don't worry - the doctors at Starling are taking great care of him! They're really nice, even if they are a little uptight.
(When I brought him his Get Well Soon gift from Build-a-Bear Workshop, they wouldn't even let me take it to him! I guess there are some mumbo-jumbo doctor things I'll never understand. Now Bearemy's just waiting in his office to surprise him when he gets back!)

Some of you guys have been asking about Shinnuko, and let's just say we're waiting for a quote from our local taxidermist. At this point, we might end up just keeping the footage with the human stand-in. We don't want to keep you guys waiting too long!

For now, Griffin wanted me to tell you on his behalf: "Their claws are like razors!"
So he's talking again now, which is great! :D

The doctors say it's huge progress. I like to think my support has helped: to keep him relaxed, I even brought him my season DVD set of my favorite cartoon series. He didn't say anything, but I'm sure he's a big fan of "Yogi Bear" like I am!

~Losing a friend is always unBEARable!

Jenny Nicholson, your devoted Bella,
and her BFF's at Gliff Productions!

(BEAR with us! Episode 3 will be out soon!)

Gliff Notes #8 | Griffin Lewis
April 17, 2009
Mood: ...
what have I done...

The bear is dead.

I killed it. I strangled it to death with my bare hands. I watched the life drain from its body.

Dear God... what have I become?

Gliff Notes #7 | Griffin Lewis
April 15, 2009

The bear has escaped. God help us all.

Gliff Notes #6 | Griffin Lewis
April 13, 2009
Mood: Informative.

Dear Emmett lovers,

The process of casting an Emmett has been a long and tiresome road. We at Gliff Productions are dedicated to being 100% faithful to the Twilight novel, and while casting I searched thoroughly for clues about Emmett's intended appearance. It soon became clear that Stephenie Meyer preferred to describe Emmett as a "great bear" of a young man. He is tall and muscular, and constantly envelops his siblings in strong hugs.

So I decided to cast a live Grizzly Bear in the role of Emmett.

Unfortunately, obtaining a bear for filming has been easier said than done. When we sent in our Bear Request Form, we were put on a waiting list. Our production crews had no choice but to film the Cullen family scenes using a human stand-in. Last month, however, an official e-mail from the San Diego Zoo informed us that our wish had been granted.

As of this afternoon, we have welcomed into our Gliff family a majestic Grizzly Bear.
His name is Shinnuko ("Mighty Claw")

Shinnuko eating people food!

For the next few weeks we will be filming his scenes on a soundstage, then our special effects team will superimpose his acting over that of our human stand-in!

Shinnuko will make his debut - along with the rest of the Cullen family - in Episode 3, so keep watching our site!

~We're all pleased to Emmeet you, Shinnuko!

Griffin Lewis, your talented director,
and the rest

(Shinnuko says "rrrawrgh" - we think that means "hello!")


Gliff Notes #5 | Griffin Lewis
March 30, 2009
Mood: Informative.

Dear Readers,

Our footage finished rendering today, and we were all set to upload Episode 2. However, our production team stumbled across this comment made by Giffydoll on LiveJournal, concerning the release of our first episode:

"Interesting choice to release [part 1] on Friday the 13th. DO you think another episode will come out April 1st?"

Although we like to think outside the box here at Gliff, ultimately we're all about pleasing the fans. So, to keep you guys happy, we decided to hold the release until April 1st! We look forward to seeing the fan response to this exciting announcement.

Edit: The second episode is here!

~"C" you later! (Editor's note: Cullen starts with a C!)

Griffin Lewis, director extraordinaire,
and Gliff Productions too

(Edward's coming... soon...)

Gliff Notes #4 | Griffin Lewis
March 25, 2009
Mood: Violated... Betrayed... Disgusted.

Dear Fans,

First off, I'd like to apologize about Monday's post. I never told Chase he could add to the blog, as posting Gliff Notes is a right reserved to cast and crew, and he is neither. I made the necessary editations to the post to make sure that it was up to standard for our viewers, and I hope that none of you were offended during the days that it was up.

Needless to say, he has been punished for his indiscretion. I blocked him from accessing the site for the time being, and have also deleted his MySpace account, so he can see what it feels like to have his blogs violated.

Not so fun now, is it Chase? IS IT? (That'll teach him to trust me with his passwords!)


As you may have read on various news/blog sites, we plan to release many behind the-scenes videos! Each featurette will give you a glimpse of the movie magic that goes on around here, as well as introducing you to the cast and crew.

Episode 2 will be closely followed by a corresponding featurette, so be sure to keep tabs on our YouTube account!

P.S.: Due to an unforeseen and unfortunate explosion, Episode 2 may be a little late. Sorry for the Tw-inconvenience!

~See you another Twi-ime!

Griffin Lewis, your director,
and a special no-thanks to Chase


Gliff Notes #3 | Chase Donnally
March 23, 2009
Mood: Happy!

Dear Twilighters,

Hey everybody, Chase here!
I’d like to use this opportunity to introduce myself! I’m the Production Manager for Twilight The Musical!

Griffin, our modest and talented director, has informed me that due to viewer demand, we have to go through the entire film in post-production and replace Bella’s hair with a CGI wig. While at first I was skeptical, I’ve learned to trust Griffin’s direction from past experience, and I’m sure this will turn out twi-tastically!

In fact, Griffin is by far the best director I’ve ever worked with. He uses hard work, determination, and sometimes even brute force to make sure that the job gets done.

As Production Manager, it's my job to make sure that the Director/Actors are happy, and that the production stays well supplied and funded. (And sometimes, that can be tough!)

For example, just last month, Griffin asked for fifty thousand dollars so he could buy a Volvo as one of our props.
Luckily, I had just that amount, due to the fact that I've never spent any of my Christmas/Birthday money from the last 18 years of my life!
But appearently... the dealership was all out! To make matters worse,
Griffin lost all the money on the way back! (That’s the last time I give out that kind of money in cash!) Oh Well!

So you see, my job can be tough, but its worth it to be part of such an amazing production! If everything goes as planned, the second episode should finish rendering by Friday, just in time for its release! And for future episodes, expect about one episode every two weeks.

~See you another Twi-ime!

Chase Donnally,
Production Manager


Gliff Notes #2 | Griffin Lewis
March 20, 2009
Mood: More Excited!

Dear Facebookers,

We have a Facebook group, so please join today! We would love to get some fan input from all of you regarding Twilight The Musical.

Now, here are some spoilers about Part 2:
There will be a brand new song!
Edward Cullen will be making his debut appearance!
All the characters in Part 2 have been leaked on our cast page!
Part 2 will be the sequel to Part 1, and the prequel to Part 3!
Forks, Washington continues to be the town that Bella detests!

Something we want to make clear here at Gliff Productions is that we aren't making a musical version of the Twilight movie. We are basing all of our scenes, characters, and songs strictly off of Stephenie Meyer's novel. We recommend reading it, or at least knowing the general plot, as the musical is more of a companion to her masterpiece.

We would also like to apologize for uploading Part 1 with some of the sound in mono. This was a mistake, and it won't happen in any of the other parts.

Expect Part 2 to be released next Friday, March 27.

~Heading off to the midnight Twilight DVD release,

Your modest director Griffin Lewis
and also Gliff Productions


Gliff Notes #1 | Griffin Lewis
March 16, 2009
Mood: Excited!

Dear fans of Twilight The Musical,

Thank you so much for all your kind words and support regarding our first episode of TTM! You guys have been so great about subscribing, faving, and commenting on the video.

We've decided to update the website every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

That's right! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting today will have a new update to the site! (this does NOT mean a new video.) The update could include a new Gliff Note, an addition to the "extra's" page, additional information about the musical, etc.


We are receiving many comments regarding Christina's hair. (The actress playing Bella.) Many people are accusing her of wearing a "wig" and are saying very hurtful things about it. (Some even calling it "broom-like.")

Gliff Productions would like to point out that the actress playing Bella is not wearing a wig.

It's very obvious that Christina is not wearing any kind of hair modifying equipment at all! I cast her as Bella partly because her hair has the same soft, luscious appearance as Kristen Stewart's. I think what people need to realize is that Bella is a fictional character and Miss Rutherford's hair is non-fictional hair. She tried her best to bring life and hair to this role, but nobody's perfect.

Because Bella's hair has become such a big deal for our audience, we've decided that we will just have to edit her hair in post production from now on. By using a sample of Kristen Stewart's hair, and special CGI motion tracking technology, we believe the effect can successfully be achieved.

We would simply have the actress wear a wig, however the entire musical has already been filmed.

Nonetheless, the feedback has been incredible so far! Thanks so much to everyone who has helped spread the word!

~Warmest regards,

Your humble director Griffin Lewis
and associates at Gliff Productions